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How can you Support Eleventy? #

Step 1 Participate #

Step 2 Give us a star on GitHub #

3.57k Please star Eleventy on GitHub! This is an easy way to support our underrated project and help boost our rank on both GitHub and staticgen.com, a giant list of static site generators.

Step 3 Donate on Open Collective #

We have a bunch of lovely financial supporters to Eleventy.

Head on over to our Open Collective and you could be one of them!

Rob DodsonViljami SalminenAndy BellHeydon PickeringDaniel RafajBen BrignellEd SpencerTodd LibbyManuel MatuzovicWilliam RileyPhil HawksworthNicolas HoizeyMax BöckNick ColleyDave RupertEric BaileyKeenan PayneRay VillalobosPelle WessmanMartino RomaTianyu GeVadim MakeevMark BuskbjergBrett NelsonChristopher SalmonRobin RendleKyosuke NakamuraKyle MitofskyMat MarquisBryce WrayTyler WilliamsYuhei YasudaMakoto KawasakiKristof MichielsChris CollinsJoel KrauseMatthew Tole

Step 4 Join Coil #

We’re participating in what we hope will be the future of standards-based Web Monetization. We’re using a <meta> tag on our site (importantly, this means no hefty third party runtime overhead). If you have the Coil web browser extension installed and an active Coil subscription, we get a few cents when you visit the site. Read more about it on CSS Tricks.